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general conditions of use

  1. Definitions and Interpretations:
    1. Business For You – Business For You S.L CIF B54602255, Synergy House, 142 Centro Comercial, Villamartin, Orihuela Costa, 03189 Alicante, its executives, staff, or partners.
    2. Service – The website (http://www.thedirectoryforyou.com – or other addresses that may be used to access this site), other sites related to Business For You that may be introduced, or other methods of accessing data owned and/or held on systems implemented by Business For You. This specifically, but not exclusively, includes information provided:
      1. via the Internet;
      2. via the telephone service;
      3. on any physical media (CD-ROM / Paper,etc);
    3. Directory Service – A service provided by Business For You that allows users to search for the businesses, products, and/or services of our clients. The intended use for information provided is for personal or business use of the user, who would want to use the products and/or services of our clients.
    4. User – any person, organisation or other entity that is recognised in law as being responsible for its actions, who uses, or allows use of, the service or other products and/or services provided by Business For You or other entity related to Business For You.
    5. Client – is defined as a user, whose business details are stored on the service.
    6. Images – refers to any form of imagery, e.g. pictures, cartoons, drawings, video, flash, and any other content that would be reasonably described as an imagery.
    7. Content – includes anything published via the service, or anything that is provided by a third party, that is made directly accessible via information published on the service. [For example: Consider a text link on a clients’ listing which takes users to a third party website - the third party website would be considered content of the service.]
    8. Words importing one gender shall include all genders, the plural shall include the singular and the singular the plural
    9. Every indicative list, or use of the words “including” or “in particular”, or any cognate or similar words apply without limitation, and without prejudice, to the generality.
  2. Terms of Use:
    1. By using the service, the user is agreeing to the General Conditions of Use and any other terms and/or conditions we may publish or inform you of.
    2. The General Conditions of Use, as well as any other terms and/or conditions, may change from time to time; it is the responsibility of the user to ensure they comply with the most recent version(s).
  3. Acceptable and Unacceptable Content
    1. The following includes, but is not limited to, types of unacceptable content.
      1. Content that could reasonably be described as:
        1. pornographic;
        2. nudity;
        3. unsuitable for minors;
        4. promoting, or could cause, abuse of minors;
        5. libellous;
        6. racially abusive or derogatory;
        7. religiously abusive or derogatory;
        8. promoting, or could incite, violence;
        9. promoting, or could cause, physical or mental abuse;
        10. promoting, or describing any activity, which is illegal in the area the content is intended for;
        11. being designed to mislead, defraud, or otherwise deceive;
        12. Malicious (e.g. viruses, trojans, worms, etc.). This includes, but is not limited to, content such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, etc. that is designed to attempt to gain information from the user’s computer.
      2. Content which:
        1. the user does not either own the copyright or have the copyright owners written permission to use;
        2. would harm or change the normal usage or user experience of the service;
        3. could be reasonably categorised as in any way damaging to:
          1. Business For You S.L;
          2. The Directory For You;
          3. the service;
          4. a client’s business, product and/or service;
          5. a user’s status
      3. Any content, which at its sole discretion, Business For You deems inappropriate for the service.
    2. Acceptable content would be broadly described as any content that is NOT unacceptable content, that enhances the businesses, products and/or services of Business For You, the service or The Directory For You clients or users.
  4. The user agrees to:
    1. To be legally responsible for ALL information submitted to the service via their account.
    2. NOT submit unacceptable content to the service.
    3. NOT allow their usernames or passwords to be divulged to any third parties as part of a business or service, unless expressly permitted by Business For You.
    4. Not to use the service in any way that could be described as unreasonable or in a way that is significantly disproportionate to the use of what could be reasonably described as an average users usage profile.
    5. Not to access the service using any automated means (other than those provided by The Directory For You) to monitor or copy the service, or its content, or to interfere with, or attempt to interfere with, how the service works or performs.
    6. Not to use the service in any way which could be reasonably described as attempting to damage the service.
    7. Not to use the service in any way which could be reasonably described as attempting to damage the reputation of Business For You S.L, The Directory For You, its service, users, clients, or other entities related to Business For You.
    8. Not to use the service for any illegal or immoral purposes.
    9. To grant us permission, irrevocably and free of charge, to use your material in any way we want on any service or otherwise (including altering and adapting it for operational or editorial reasons) in any media worldwide, which may include syndicating the material to selected third party social media and networking sites.
    10. Provide reasonable assistance in any investigation we make in relation to our rights regarding ‘click-fraud’ or any similar activity.
    11. Accept that we have no duty to publish, store, or backup, any content that has been submitted to the service.
    12. Use the website at their own risk, and more specifically:
      1. Accept that information gained from use of the service may be inaccurate, and The Directory For You does not guarantee that this information is correct, or that the quality of products or services advertised will be fit for purpose, or suitable for the users specific needs. It is the responsibility of the user to determine that any subsequent purchase made is going to provide what the user expects.
      2. We recommend that you check the qualifications of people, companies and organisations offering the goods or services.
      3. We are not an agent for and do not give guarantees for these organisations or their goods and services.
      4. You should not rely on the service for advice.
      5. The service contains hyperlinks to services run by companies other than The Directory For You. We do not control, and are not responsible for, any other services made available from or through the service. We do not give any guarantees about their content or how they work. You access and use these sites at your own risk and will need to keep to any conditions of use that apply to those sites.
      6. We do not approve or sponsor any products, services or content you access or buy through these services.
      7. Accept, as far as the relevant laws allow, that neither Business For You S.L, The Directory For You, nor any other members of our group of companies, shareholders, officers, shareholders, staff or other organisations connected to us give you any guarantees that:
        1. there will be no problems with how you use the service;
        2. the computer or server you use to log on to the service is free of viruses or other harmful programs.
      8. Under no circumstances will the Business For You or any other organisation involved in creating, producing, maintaining or distributing the service be liable for any loss of:
        1. profits;
        2. business or business opportunities;
        3. savings you expect to make;
        4. goodwill;
        5. use of corrupted information;
        6. information.
      9. As a maximum, we will only ever be liable for losses not exceeding that which a user or client has paid for their current service. We are not liable to you for any other losses whether they are because we have not kept to our obligations or contract, because of something we have not done, due to defamatory statements or liability for a product or otherwise as a result of:
        1. using or relying on the service;
        2. not being able to use the service;
        3. any mistake, fault, failure to do something, missing information, or virus on the service or if it does not work properly because of incidents beyond our control such as, but not limited to, interruptions to communication and networks and circumstances beyond our control;
        4. theft, destruction of information or someone getting access to our records, programs or services without our permission;
        5. goods, products, services or information received through or advertised on the service or any links provided by the service;
        6. any information, data, message or other material which you email, post, upload, reproduce, send, or otherwise distribute or receive using the service.
      10. Accept that the system is subject to a ‘Fair Use’ policy, any user or client who exceeds what would be counted as ‘reasonable use’ may have their account terminated and IP address banned from the system.
  5. The client agrees:
    1. To everything in Section 4.
    2. That they do NOT OWN the service web address (i.e. https://thedirectoryforyou.com/{listing_name}), and have a right to use this address as described in Section 4 only whilst they continue to be clients. If the client does not ensure continuous service (e.g. by failing to pay for the renewal by the due date), the client may lose that specific service web address. The Directory For You will not be liable for ANY expense or cost the client has incurred by use of the service web address.
    3. Not to artificially increase the number of click counts or click-throughs for any advertisement or advertiser, including by:
      1. any manual means (such as repeatedly clicking on adverts or refreshing pages);
      2. any automated means (such as computer-generated search requests or similar);
      3. asking, or offering incentives to, a user to carry out these activities.
    4. That information the client has paid to have published will be made available via the service, and we will put procedures in place to ensure that this information is backed up, but The Directory For You will not be held liable for any loss of this information.
    5. That your listing is provide under the following terms:
      1. Search Engines
        1. Content will be displayed in such a manner to make it easy for search engines to index your content.
        2. Listings will appear in the The Directory For You search results when the listing has been indexed by our search engine provider.
        3. The Directory For You cannot guarantee when, or if, any specific search engine will index your listing.
        4. Listings which have not been paid for will NOT be submitted to search engines for indexing.
      2. Availability
        1. Our aim is to provide 99.9% up-time of the system.
        2. The customer has no right of refund for downtime of the system.
      3. Quality & Freshness
        1. You will ensure that all data added for your listing is of a reasonable quality.
        2. Accuracy of information is of high importance and you must keep your listing updated on an as-required basis.
        3. We recommend that your refresh your content on a monthly basis.
      4. You MUST NOT:
        1. Use your listing to promote service providers in competition with The Directory For You.
        2. Add content that is not directly related to your business.
        3. Use your listing in any other way than that which could be reasonably described as Standard Use.
      5. Links to and use of:
        1. Links to your listing do not have to carry any specific branding or attribution to The Directory For You.
        2. Use of your listing in any form, and on any medium, must contain the original The Directory For You branding in its original form and must not be obscured, removed, or modified in any way.
        3. Where provided by the System, customers may use a reduced branding version of the listing for inclusion in other sites using only the methods provided/ described by The Directory For You.
    6. Where provided by the system, customers may use a raw-feed of their data to populate other services. Where this is used, attribution to The Directory For You MUST be prominently displayed.
    7. The client agrees to provide The Directory For You with an unlimited, but reasonable, indemnity for any malicious action by the client, their representatives, employees, or agents.
    8. Should Business for You S.L go into administration, or be subject to any form of winding up order, or should Business For You or a partner be subject to any form of action the result of which prohibits the continued trading of Business For You, either partially or wholly, the customer agrees to waive any right for compensation, claim, or refund.
    9. Executives and employees of Business For You shall be held harmless from, and not liable to, any legal action in relation to Business For You.
  6. The client is permitted (subject to the use being acceptable under ALL sections of this document) to:
    1. Utilise and promote the service as a marketing and/or sales tool for their OWN business and products and/or services they provide.
    2. Utilise its service web address to promote its business, products and/or services on any media, provided that media does not contain content that would be deemed unacceptable by Business For You. If in doubt, please contact Business For You for authorisation PRIOR to use.
    3. A client may redirect their own domain name to their service web address provided that domain name would not be classed as unacceptable. If in doubt, please contact Business For You for authorisation PRIOR to setting up this redirection.
  7. Our Rights
    1. At our sole discretion, and without explanation or reason, we retain the right to:
      1. not publish any information submitted to the service;
      2. add, modify or remove any information on the service;
      3. suspend or terminate any account;
      4. suspend or terminate the service.
    2. We will provide any and all information available in response to any legal request to divulge this information from any officially recognised body that requests it.
  8. Termination
    1. Clients are free to terminate their account at any time, although any time left to run on their listing is immediately lost.
    2. Business For You may terminate the customer’s account without reason or notice if the customer breaches these terms and conditions.
    3. Termination for any reason, at any time, will result in the loss of any remaining provision, without refund.
  9. Extension
    1. All extensions shall be done in periods of 1 (one) year.
    2. Yearly listings that are not extended after the current ‘paid for’ period will be suspended for a period of up to 30 days, after which time, if not extended, the listing may be deleted from the system and the listing name used returned to the available pool.
    3. Business For You, at its sole discretion, may choose to continue to display listings that have not been renewed, although access to these listings via their original owners will be removed.
  10. Legal Contract
    1. These conditions make up the whole agreement between you and us in how you use the service.
    2. If any provision of part of this agreement is or becomes invalid or unenforceable it will be severed from the rest of this agreement so that it is ineffective to the extent that it is invalid or unenforceable but no other provision of this agreement shall be rendered invalid, unenforceable or be otherwise affected.
  11. Legal Geography

    The laws of Spain apply to your use of the service and these conditions. We control the service from within Spain; you can, however, get access to the service from other places around the world. Although these places may have different laws from the laws of Spain, by using the service you agree that the laws of Spain will apply to everything relating to your using the service and you agree to keep to these laws. We have the right to take you to court in the country you live in.

2012 Business For You S.L( CIF B54602255) Revision: 1.0 (EN) Released: 1 April 2012